The ethics of humanistic therapies

The ethics of humanistic therapies

It often happens to therapists and healers that we think we know what is wrong with the client or patient, or what he or she needs. It is possible that we are right, and it is possible that we are wrong. I really like the ethics of humanistic therapies, which help clients to find their own resources and discover what they need in each moment. It is not always easy for me to apply these ideals in my practice. I have a directive impulse and I usually end up taking the reins of the process.

It happened to me the other day that a client wanted to cancel the session, because he did not feel able to continue with a very deep work that we had started in the previous session. Luckily, the client agreed to receive an energy healing session instead of the planned therapy. Lucky for me and for him, as we both learn here. Me, to be even more respectful of individual growth processes and to forget about my desire to dive so soon into very sensitive issues, and him, to communicate his need.

The adventure of accompaniment

Basically, it is an advantage not to know in advance how to proceed with a client. It is enough to have faith in the process itself, and total confidence in the client. Everything else will follow if we remain available and open-hearted. If the client wants to grow today, he will grow. If not, he might do so another day. When we are able to see the next session as the next unknown adventure, life itself opens the way for transformation. And both client and therapist will be touched by magic. Magic of the unknown, magic of the inconceivable made real. I know that I can surrender, that within me (and everyone) there is a wise Being, who knows the way much better than my little rational mind, better than my Ego. And for that I give thanks every day.

Aminda Frei


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