Ancestral Constellations

Ancestor Constelations
Where do we come from?

The only thing we know for sure is that our body, our DNA, is inherited from our mother and father, grandfathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and other ancestors. Recent scientific studies have also shown that many of our learning processes are transmitted through our DNA. Many of our ancestor’s learnings help us on our way, while others hinder us. Inherited patterns are often difficult to change. As a first step in approaching ancestral constellations, it is necessary to realise how certain family patterns block us. Watch out for every recurring event, such as the fact that the father is always missing in a lineage pr that mothers fall into depression. The repetition of alcoholism, or of certain illnesses, for example, are indications that some form of work with the ancestral lineages is appropriate.

The chamanic method

Ancestral Constellations have been developed by the White Wolf Nagual WAYNA PACHA. Through a shamanic ritual, using coca or laurel leaves, we find out exactly which ancestors or relatives need to be worked with, and which patterns affect the client.

Subsequently, the client, supported by the therapist, proceeds to carry out the healing of the ancestor in question, and from this action derives the healing of the client and his or her lineage. This works despite the fact that the ancestor in question has long since passed away, because in a way it continues to live on in the DNA of theclient.

What can be achieved with Ancestral Constellations?

  • Release of negative behavioural patterns
  • Restoration of adequate family support (parents support children and not the other way around).
  • Full utilisation of inherited positive gifts and learnings.
  • Release of individual burdens
  • Increased facilities to cope creatively with life

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