Energy Healing


We are beings endowed with a great energetic field and potential, capable of connecting with other beings through invisible cords. For example, a mother intuitively knows what is going on with her small child. Also my mother’s dog knew when his mistress died in hospital and went under the sofa for a few days to mourn at the exact time of death. We are connected to each other and surrounded by an invisible field. Energy healing balances our connections within this field, separates us from what is not leading us forward and connects us to our higher self.

Few of us are aware of our energy and so we often lose it, give it away or allow it to be stolen. We also misuse our energy when, for example, we repress our emotions inside ourselves for too long. We also reduce the flow of energy through self-demand and excessive self-control, or simply when we constantly rack our brains. Regardless of the area or problem, energetic healing aims to restore our full energy potential.

Although in many cases I make use of my knowledge of the shamanic world by using common stones, quartz, feathers, gem and mushroom essences, candles and sound in the sessions, the basis of this work is inconditional love. This high vibration has the ability to clear parasitic energies, restore the energy body and soften the heart. It also can make us see how and where we can relate better to ourselves and our environment.

“When we truly understand the concept that love is an all-encompassing energy and that its creative impulse can transform our bodies, minds and souls, we will overcome our chronic aches and pains” Brian Weiss.

You are welcome to contact me for online sessions, or pass by if you are on the island.



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