Regressions are experiences of very deep personal work. They allow access to experiences from other times, or to symbolic content that is relevant for the client in the present moment. The aim is to heal a blocked area of life, to reopen a door that has been closed for a long time, to “come back to life” in a way.

In which cases is it appropriate to use this technique?

Regressions are especially suitable for retrieving memories that we are unable to access from our ordinary consciousness. If we manage, for example, to remember a traumatic event during therapy, we will have the opportunity not only to accept this event. We will be able to react differently than we did at the time in the past, and thus record new information in our programme. This Information  replaces what we have previously experienced and  gets accepted by our subconscious. In this way, we free ourselves from the annoying defence mechanisms that often appear in situations that remind us of what happened, as in the case of phobias.

Does this technique work for everyone?

Certainly not. In order to do a regression, it is advisable that the person feels this call. Not everyone is ready to dive into their own subconscious world. It requires a willingness to overcome the obstacles that the mind itself has placed, to break the barrier and get closer to what really matters: the essence of being.

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